Community Woodfuel

Community Woodfuel

The Trust’s normal woodland management activities provide more than purely scenic benefits in fulfilment of its principal aims. It is a costly but sustainable exercise leading to wider community benefit.

300 tons of timber was gifted to the Community Company from the Gateway Woodland clearfell during 2015. The Trust created a site for storage and presented the timber in 3m lengths. The Company is having the wood cut into logs by a local operator, and transported to homes around the peninsula.

By providing the wood free of charge, the sale price to the customer remains cost effective.

Hardwoods are extremely popular for wood fuel and other uses. The Trust carries out annual tree surgery and other woodland management on the mature trees within the policies, and gifts the timber to the local community. The scheme has been so successful that the Trust is working with a local resident to create a new business for him to take forward.

Once a year, in the build-up to Christmas, estate staff spend a few weeks cutting up logs and delivering 1-2 tons to each pensioner household on the peninsula. This was first carried out in 1994 and has now become an established part of Mike and Iain’s work.

A new playhouse for the school

The mobile sawmill visited Applecross and milled timber for a new playhouse for the children at the school. The Trust contracted the milling and gave the wood to the school. Local people are involved in the building of the new structure.

Young shoots

The Trust provides saplings, supplied by Christie Elite Ltd, free of charge to Applecross residents who want to plant trees on their land. Over the past 2 years, over 2,000 trees have been handed out across the peninsula.

The value of timber provided for community use during 2014/15 was estimated to be in excess of £20k.